startrek wardrobe

found my old startrek uniform as chief medical officer of the starship uss leviathan, ncc-78437. i had this made for a fanfic project back in late 90’s. almost ten years since the last time i wore this, and i think it’s  time to put it back on, since the upcoming premiere of the new startrek movie is just a month away.

i’ll just keep this in my sight then, 😉
startrek uniform, part 2

~ by Mahén on April 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “startrek wardrobe”

  1. Beam me up Scotty 😀

    Awesome costume! *drools* Me want me own Sherlock Holmes costume, huhu *garuk-garuk tanah* Bikin sendiri kali yee…

  2. I fall in love with this ‘STAR TREK’ since 1978, when I saw them at our ‘Indonesian Television’ programs. Tough only black and white television, make me so wonder if we – someday – will travel trough space, meet aliens, etc. Now I have my 12000 fantasy pictures (real paper – not digital), and I believe someday somebody will use my collection to be ‘something’ for them.

    I collecting some ‘star trek’ old picture here :

    Someday, I will be a ‘star fleet’ too!

  3. 路过踩一踩,表示我来过

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