Goodfellas: Ten Years After


Held by the pool side in Malya, which is a great place, by the way. The party is quite nice, fun, and memorable. Since the host wouldn’t take no for an answer, I ended up singing two songs on the stage. And as I got on stage, I found a friend among the musicians, playing violin, which makes it a lot easier for me, honest. 😉

Leigh L. Fairchild – Caparuni – Col. Desperado – Rynette M. Terranova

It’s always fun to hang out with these guys, ever since that particular game brought us together ten years ago. Hey, has it really been ten years? That long, huh? This caused for a toast the, I know. So we picked a spot, and sat there telling stories, blowing havana’s finests, catching up, wine sipping, drinking, and as norm said, there’s nothing but meat on the menu, so we did some food combining that night, all meat! 😀

Nuff said.


~ by Mahén on February 11, 2008.

One Response to “Goodfellas: Ten Years After”

  1. Beneran kayak orang2 di film GOD FATHER…lengkap dengan cerutu2 nya ya

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