iPhone: Apple Reinvents Phone

Apple has done it again! Well, it was my 1st thought while watchin’ Steve Jobs’ (Apple Inc.’s CEO) Keynote over iPhone in San Fransisco. I thought, what a great device, and I AM looking forward to buy it as they shippin’ it to Asia sometime in 2008. Cool design, it has one thing that’s important to me when choosing a cellphone, and that is a closed keypad. That’s why I only buy a slide- or a flip- cellphones. (I know, I know, I’m a bit picky for those things) And guess what? iPhone didn’t just do that, it clears out all the buttons and controls (even the stylus), and simply just placed a huge screen with only one ‘home’ button at the bottom of the phone, far out!
Apple had really reinvented the phone this year, 😉 With a similar size as iPod video, a 8 gigs memory, an OSX as its operating system, along with cover flows, safari, widgets, rich text e-mail, google map plus satellite imaging, visual voice mail, iChat-like sms texting, a 3.5″ widescreen, gorgeous album arts, wifi, touch scrolls, multitouch-proximity-accelerometer-ambientlight sensors, this baby is a must have! and guess what, this baby is only cost about $499 (4GB model) and $599 (8 GB model). *start saving for iPhone*


~ by Mahén on September 20, 2007.

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